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Auto Service Green Lake


Regular preventive maintenance servicing and tune-up are essential to keep a vehicle running at peak efficiency. Not doing so will invariably lead to many automotive problems that adversely impact the:

  • Driving power
  • Reliability of the car
  • Comfort and safety of the vehicle
  • Mileage

At Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair, we suggest that all automobile owners get auto service done without fail and per the manufacturer recommended a schedule.

We also advise them to take these seemingly insignificant jobs seriously and go only to an experienced, well-equipped auto repair facility for all car maintenance work. Let us meet your auto service requirements in the Green Lake, WA, area. Schedule a visit to our facility as and when the various tune-up jobs on your vehicle are due.

Car Maintenance Green Lake


Your car is a combination of countless components that must all work correctly in tandem for the automobile to run smoothly. Constant use and, in some cases, abuse of the vehicle, takes a heavy toll on these automotive parts.

Scheduled car maintenance for your Green Lake vehicle has been designed to keep an eye on the extent of wear and tear on the various parts, including the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, and more. Assessing the condition of all these from time to time ensures that these are cleaned, repaired, or replaced in time.

Our car maintenance services also keep your vehicle downtime and pollutant emissions to a minimum. Come to us for regular car maintenance on your Green Lake area vehicle and be sure of maximizing:

  • Your driving pleasures
  • The lifespan of your car
  • The resale value of the vehicle
  • ROI from your asset

Tune-Up Green Lake


We offer auto service and tune-up for most major makes and models. Our state-of-the-art facility employs highly skilled mechanics who have had years of experience in doing all kinds of car maintenance work.

Come to us for a tune-up on your Green Lake area vehicle with full faith that your automobile will be getting the loving attention and the premium service that it deserves. Our technicians do each car maintenance and tune-up job:

  • Diligently
  • With the latest tools and technologies
  • Using quality parts
  • As if they were servicing their car

You can also come to us for auto service any other time when you observe that your ride is not working as well as it usually does.

Visit Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for top-notch auto service on your Green Lake area vehicle. Call (206) 525-9392.