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Auto Service Ravenna


Regular maintenance of your car ensures its smooth performance. Schedule the maintenance on a regular basis to get all components checked and tune ups done. Get the help of trained and experienced technicians for any such auto services in Ravenna, WA. We have the experience of great auto service.

Get in touch with Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for efficient auto service in Ravenna. We are an established company and have been offering auto service for Ravenna car owners for a while now. Get auto service in Ravenna for any of the following makes and models of vehicles:

  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Honda

As our technicians are fully equipped with the latest equipment and have the knowledge of the working of all types of cars, they can easily and efficiently provide auto service for your cars in Ravenna.

Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for auto service in Ravenna! (206) 525-9392

Car Maintenance Ravenna


Regular car maintenance helps in keeping the car in top condition. Any minor issues are taken care of before they snowball into larger problems. Call in expert auto mechanics for efficient car maintenance in Ravenna and enjoy smooth driving performance.

Rely on us when you require car maintenance in Ravenna. Whether or not you are experiencing any problems with the car, you must get regular car maintenance in Ravenna to ensure that no such problems occur. Efficient car maintenance in Ravenna ensures:

  • Better mileage
  • More comfort
  • Driving ease
  • Enhanced durability of the car

As part of our car maintenance service in Ravenna, we check all parts like transmission, tires, brakes, electronic systems and the engine.

Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for car maintenance in Ravenna! (206) 525-9392

Tune Up Ravenna


Car tune up is preventive maintenance to ensure that there are no problems in the working of the car. Regular car tune up in Ravenna will extend the life and performance of your car. Replacement of old parts is an essential part of any car tune up.

Count on us at Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for car tune up services in Ravenna. As part of car tune up in Ravenna, we offer the following services:

  • Oil change
  • Change the brake pads
  • Transmission maintenance
  • Check the tire rotation
  • Replace the air filter

Not replacing the old and worn out parts of your car can compromise the workings of the vehicle. Therefore, you must schedule the auto service at least twice a year to ensure that your car performs well.

Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for tune up in Ravenna! (206) 525-9392