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Seattle Oil Change

Oil-Change-Seattle-WARoutine oil change is a crucial part of your routine auto maintenance program to help ensure your vehicle lasts for a long while.

Oil is said to be the life blood of your car’s engine because it keeps the parts rotating smoothly and working properly.

While the frequency intervals for changing oil in your vehicle vary depending on where you are getting advice, you can consult your owner’s manual for your particular vehicle.

These are reasons that regular oil change intervals are important:

  • Heat from the engine breaks down the oil
  • Exhaust gases from the cylinders can contaminate the oil
  • Oil can absorb dust, water and combustion byproducts that may cause corrosion
  • Additives for neutralizing acids get used up and become ineffective

Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair to schedule a car tune up or auto maintenance repair services.  We are an Amsoil® oil dealer and use complete Chevron® products.

Seattle Car Tune Up

Car-Tune-Up-Seattle-WAA truck or car tune up today is a preventive auto maintenance service and engine performance check necessary to keep the engine running at the best possible level!

What does a car tune up consist of?

Generally speaking it includes preventive maintenance, performance analysis and adjustment, and replacement of anything showing wear and tear:

  • Spark plug replacement
  • Installations of new air and fuel filters
  • Rotor replacement
  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • New PCV valve
  • Check on systems including fluid levels, ignition, compression, idle, emissions,

manifold intake, battery, choke, the vehicle computer, belts, and safety items

And while routine oil changes are vital to proper vehicle function and not considered part of a tradition tune up by all service centers, we can certainly change your oil with superior quality Amsoil® oil and change the filter.

Call for an appointment to help keep your car running stronger, smoother and longer!

Seattle Auto Maintenance

Auto-Maintenance-Seattle-WAIf you read the operating manual for your vehicle and take note of all the service reminders and service points, you may prefer to leave your auto maintenance schedule up to us.

Our customers keep coming back to us at regular oil change intervals and for car tune ups because they receive excellent care services and are treated right!

These are reasons to choose us for routine auto maintenance:

  • Highly-qualified, competent ASE® certified technicians
  • All technicians are State emissions certified
  • We can do it all from routine service to complex engine diagnostics
  • Fair pricing
  • Customer is consulted on all prices and pays exactly what we quote
  • Honesty, reliability and respect
  • Offer free brake checks
  • Free air and vacuum for anyone to use
  • All windows cleaned and vehicle vacuumed following vehicle service
  • Best in class tires
  • Complete Chevron® products and Amsoil® oil
  • Interstate batteries® with a nationwide warranty

Call or stop by Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair to take advantage of one of our oil change specials, a car tune up, and to experience the best value in tires and auto repair services in the area!  (206) 525-9392