Brake Service Northgate


While it is essential for you to have a vehicle that runs fast and smooth on the roads, it is perhaps most important that it stops when you need it to. Your vehicle should have effective brakes to ensure your safety.

Like all other automotive components, the brakes of your vehicle wear out with time and usage. Schedule regular brake service to maintain the brakes in peak working condition.

Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair is the place to visit for brake service in the Northgate, WA area. We are a top-rated AAA auto repair shop and we service brakes on vehicles of most major makes and models. We carry out detailed brake service on the automobiles that come into our facility. Our brake service on your vehicle in Northgate includes:

  • Hydraulics servicing
  • Brake system flushing and lubing
  • Fluid change
  • Inspection of brake rotors, drums, and calipers
  • Replacement of brake pads (if required)

Brake Pads Northgate


The brake pads or shoes must be good for your vehicle to have excellent stopping power. Nobody understands this better than our mechanics. While servicing the brakes of your vehicle in Northgate, we make sure to examine the condition of brake pads carefully.

We employ ASE certified technicians who are sincere and reliable professionals. You can depend on them to:

  • Suggest replacing brake pads if truly needed
  • Replace brake pads with high-grade products
  • Provide hassle free brake pad replacement

Your safety while driving is a top priority for our mechanics. Our team makes sure that you have a road-worthy vehicle with efficient brake pads and high-performing brakes.

Brakes Northgate


The performance of brakes can be a matter of life and death for you and your passengers. It is important to schedule routine brake service for your vehicle's brakes in Northgate.

Bring your vehicle to us for scheduled servicing of its brakes. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art automotive tools and technologies that assist our technicians in delivering the finest quality brake services. Keep your vehicle maintained with brakes that are:

  • Powerful
  • Smooth
  • Dependable

We also do all types of brake repair work.

Visit Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair for service, repair, or replacement of brakes. Northgate residents can schedule service by calling (206) 525-9392.