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Green Lake Car Tire Service


If you are looking for car tire service in Green Lake, WA, or surrounding neighborhoods, come visit us at Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair. In addition to Green Lake car tire service, we also provide car repair, oil change, auto maintenance, diesel fuel, as well as brakes, engine, and transmission services. What kind of Green Lake car tire service are you looking for?

Serving happy customers since the late 60’s, Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair is a family-owned shop with a desire to provide you with some of the best repair, maintenance, and tire services specially your Green Lake car tire services.

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For reliable Green Lake car tire service, call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair at (206) 525-9392.

Green Lake Vehicle Tires


Are you looking for Green Lake vehicle tires and related services? Whether you are looking for tire replacement or tire rotation, Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair offers a complete range of services for your Green Lake vehicle tires. We know how important the tires of a vehicle are for the safety of the car as well as the passengers. You also need to have Green Lake vehicle tires regularly checked and maintained to keep your car in great condition.

So, what kind of Green Lake vehicle tires do you have in mind. We have all brands and makes of Green Lake vehicle tires for you.

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For more information regarding Green Lake vehicle tires, get in touch with Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair at (206) 525-9392.

Green Lake Tire Replacement


Does your vehicle need Green Lake tire replacement? At Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair, we provide reliable Green Lake tire replacement services. We take pride in the hard work our crew put in. Our staff is honest, friendly, and trustworthy.

When your vehicle is with us for Green Lake tire replacement or any other service, rest assured that we will take very good care of it. We are known by our quality work and hard working staff. Give us a chance to serve you and pop by for a quick Green Lake tire replacement quote.

Next time when you need Green Lake tire replacement, tire rotation, oil change, or auto maintenance, drop by the Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair.

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What are you waiting for? Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair today for Green Lake tire replacement and other related services. Dial now: (206) 525-9392.