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Greenwood Car Tire Service


Finding a car tire service in Greenwood, WA, is not hard. However, if you want one of the finest auto repair shops and Greenwood car tire service, get in touch with none other than Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair. At Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair, we know how important your vehicle is for you. And it is as important for us too! We take pride in our Greenwood car tire services and want to include you in our long list of satisfied customers.

What do you look for in a good Greenwood car tire service? Talk to our courteous staff and we would love to provide you with a great Greenwood car tire service with a big smile. In addition to providing reliable and budget-friendly Greenwood car tire service, we also provide:

  • Car engine service
  • Car brakes service
  • Transmission service
  • Diesel fuel
  • Oil change service

So the next time you think about Greenwood car tire service, think about Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair! Call us at (206) 525-9392.

Greenwood Vehicle Tires


Are you interested in getting new Greenwood vehicle tires? At Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair, we provide your vehicle with great quality Greenwood vehicle tires at best prices. We carry most types, makes, and brands of Greenwood vehicle tires. So, talk to our friendly team for your Greenwood vehicle tires services.

Thinking about tire rotation? Great idea! Get in touch with us today and talk to us about your Greenwood vehicle tires. We love helping you!

  • Vehicle tire inspection
  • Greenwood vehicle tires
  • Vehicle tires near me
  • Replacing car tires
  • Rotating car tires

To know more about your Greenwood vehicle tires, talk to our friendly crew at Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair. Hurry, dial now: (206) 525-9392.

Greenwood Tire Replacement


If you are searching for a trustworthy name for Greenwood tire replacement services, we have one for you! Come visit us at Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair. We have an expert team on Greenwood tire replacement that takes care of your vehicle and tires. We provide great quality services at affordable prices. Talk to us about your Greenwood tire replacement and we would be happy to help.

As one of the finest Greenwood tire replacement centers in the area, we provide you with honest advice regarding your Greenwood tire replacement and other auto services. If your car needs new tires, get in touch with our Greenwood tire replacement team today!

  • Greenwood tire rotation
  • Tire replacement services
  • Greenwood tire maintenance
  • Greenwood tire changing services

For quick and reliable Greenwood tire replacement services, call none other than Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair. (206) 525-9392!