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Seattle Car Tires

Car-Tires-Seattle-WAWe are proud to partner with one of the largest tire retailers in the nation.

Tire Rack has made it easy for us to offer some of the best car tires for the money.  These are reasons you should trust us for tire replacement:

  • Choices of tires from a large selection for most major vehicle makes and models
  • Unbeatable combination of price and value
  • Ability to assist buyers in meeting their specific driving needs and concerns regarding tires
  • Available brands for all-season as well as user-specific
  • Excellent warranty

Not only are we your local source for full service auto and engine repair, but we also one of the finest tire service centers in the area.

Visit our shop to buy wheels that will give you optimum performance. Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair – a legacy in complete auto care!

Seattle Tire Rotation

Tire-Rotation-Seattle-WAWhether we assisted in the choice of tires for your vehicle or not, we can take care of regularly-scheduled tire rotation and balance in addition to wheel alignment services.

These are important reasons for tire rotation frequency:

  • To ensure even tread wear on your vehicle’s tires
  • More even braking
  • Improved and balanced handling
  • Increased traction and gas mileage
  • Longer lifespan

Wheel alignment is needed only as a repair or when you notice signs like vibrations in the car or through the steering wheel at higher speeds, or the car tends to feel like it is pulling left or right rather than straight ahead.

Both of these services are important in helping your tires reach their optimal level of performance and safety.

To increase the potential for using your tires for their maximum lifetime, call to schedule an appointment for these important services!

Seattle Tire Service

Tire-Service-Seattle-WAAs a local family-owned and operated tire and auto service business we care about the performance of your vehicle, and, more importantly, your safety!

Whether the problem with you vehicle is large or small we’ll find the solution to get you safely back on the road.

These are reasons to come to our tire service center:

  • Value and outstanding service
  • Highly-qualified mechanics
  • Free brake checks
  • Best car tires brands
  • Customer pays exactly what we quote
  • Tires and service for all major makes and models
  • Friendly, reliable and honest service

Call or stop by Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair to see why we are the leading service provider for cars, trucks and vans in the area!  (206) 525-9392