Routine Oil Change is Vital 

oil 1Routine oil changes are a crucial part of your auto maintenance program to help ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Rick’s Tire & Chevron in Seattle WA prides itself on more than 40 years of professionalism and satisfied customers, including our oil change service.

Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine because it keeps the parts rotating smoothly and working properly. Your owner’s manual will give you the frequency intervals for changing oil, and we at Rick’s can help you with reminders and great service.

Regular oil change intervals are crucial for many reasons:

  • Heat from the engine breaks down the oil
  • Exhaust gases from the cylinders can contaminate the oil
  • Oil can absorb dust, water and combustion byproducts that may cause corrosion
  • Additives for neutralizing acids get used up and become ineffective

Call Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair to schedule an oil change service, car tune-up, or auto maintenance repair services. We are an Amsoil® oil dealer and use complete Chevron® products.

Oil Changes Done Professionally and Efficiently

oil 2We offer highly-qualified, competent ASE® certified technicians, fair pricing, honesty, reliability, and respect, conveniently located in Seattle. We always consult the customer on all prices, and you pay exactly what we quote. Our customers enjoy our personal service and explanation of work done. We pride ourselves on our honesty and stand by our work.

  • Quick service
  • Reminders of when oil change service is due
  • Professional and courteous customer treatment
  • ASE® certified technician
  • Recommendations for other vehicle service needed

Rick’s Chevron & Auto Repair technicians will not pressure you to have other maintenance performed, but we will offer our professional opinions and recommendations. Call us today for a routine oil change service.

Why Have Rick’s Perform Your Oil Change Service?

No one likes high-pressure mechanics or rude service. We pride ourselves on being the service station you will return to for all your automotive needs and services, and we stand by our quality work. All our oil changes are performed in Seattle by experienced professionals. We offer the best oil changing service in Seattle, call us today! (206) 525-9392.

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